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The positive planetary influx for Pisces is conducive for enjoying a heightened sexual life.The moon’s energy on Scorpio, well positioned in relation to Neptune on your sign, makes you experience moments of sacred sexuality, or a certain mysticism in your relations.

The dangerous part of this is getting carried away by your fantasies or being tricked easily.

Remember that you’re your own best friend and you have to trust what your gut is telling you rather than listening to the sirens and falling overboard.

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The present circumstances are great for you as they imply great professional development opportunities.

Accept an unexpected proposal, as it could be the doorway to a whole new professional world. Even if you’re not familiar with the professional area, you’ll see it’s not hard to catch up. Thus you’ll add a potential source of income to your life. Which you might need soon.

There are so many ways of making a living that you don’t even know about, for this reason, it’s important not to turn down things just because they’re outside of your comfort zone.

Thanks to the position of giant Jupiter, you’ll understand that all you need to live is a lot less than what others would have you believe. That frugality isn’t the same as poverty, and that decluttering your life generates great abundance.


You can focus on completing new trekking paths during the next weekend. Just imagining it and organizing it will make your health blossom. There are many hormones linked to happiness and pleasure which stimulate your immune system. Smile and have fun.