Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 10

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If you want people to accept you with all your flaws, you need to be more tolerant with other people’s flaws. Oftentimes you get carried away by patterns you’ve learned about what should be expected in a relationship, and this is something that no longer represents who you are.

Times have changed and now you have a new way of looking at life.

If you’re about to start a relationship, don’t let old patterns of thought hold you back. Your way of loving is unique and wonderful.

Enjoying the here and now and giving your heart fully are two of your many great qualities. The person who makes your heart race and your feet dance loves those things about you. Don’t hold yourself back or modify your behaviour because of what others might say.

Stay calm and be free.

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A good chunk of your morning will be spent on bureaucratic matters and various banking errands. And you don’t like this one bit. Boredom takes over your mind and you’ll end up losing your temper if you don’t take things calmly.

If you were born in the second deanery you’ll be able to enjoy a high level of intuition which will guide you towards gentler destinations, synchronicity might be the norm today, which will make keeping up with commitments very easy.

Follow your hunches and you’ll see how easy things become.


It’s a perfect day to sign up for team sports or for some physical activities that you’ve wanted to do for a while. Have no fear or hesitation, you’ll soon catch up to the other members of the team.

The mind isn’t everything, you also need to move your muscles, otherwise you’ll be constantly tense and with pain in your joints.