Pisces Daily Horoscope for March 10

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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It's great to wake up in the arms of that person who makes your heart flutter and your soul soar. You know how much they love you and how hard they try to make you happy every day. You have a lovely Sunday ahead of you, don’t let it be ruined by those outside your inner circle. Oftentimes the in-laws can cause problems. It depends on your ability to set boundaries without jeopardizing your relationship or your leisure time.

For those Pisces who are single, you can expect a lovely surprise this Sunday: someone who has a crush on you will come to ask you out. Sweet gestures will leave you wondering if they’re the one.

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You’ll find you have more money than you expected, but you’ll attract those who want to ask you for a little loan. Is it fair? You’ve worked hard to earn what you have, think about whether that person will make good use of the money, whether they’re trustworthy, and whether they really need it. Then you’ll genuinely know what’s the best thing to do. Don’t feel guilty if you decide not to help.

Treat yourself. Perhaps invite someone you love out for a meal at a nice restaurant. Sharing the good times attracts more abundance into your life.


You’re in great physical shape, just be mindful to keep your spirits up. Every time you’re sad or angry your aura suffers, since you open your body and heart to disruptive energies.

If something causes you to have bad feelings just breathe and visualise a mirror protecting you from all negativity, and returning the bad vibes to the person that cast them.