Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


There are intense and passionate moments coming your way, Pisces. Today the world is rose coloured. Love is knocking on your door.

If you’re single, it’s likely you’ll find someone with whom you’ll want to share days of love and tenderness where there’ll be plenty of passion. You should pay no mind to anything you’re told about this person’s past. Life is full of twists and turns, and the opportunity to change and improve is there for everyone.

If you’re coming from a period of conflict with your partner, you might find a way to solve it today. It’s time to put your pride aside and humbly find common ground.

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If you’ve been through a rough patch financially, there are good signs on the horizon for you, Pisces.

It’s time to call quits on some ways of earning money which aren’t entirely profitable. If you have to work super hard for very little pay, it won’t allow you to move forward.

You have nothing to lose, Pisces. Fear of new things is normal, but don’t let it get in the way of your development.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 99. Today this number invites you to close a chapter in your life. You’ll leave one cycle behind to start a new one full of surprises. You’ll discover you have more resources than you thought. You’re very valuable for the world.


Your joie de vivre is in full bloom. You have a lot of energy which you’ll use to achieve your dreams.

If you’re part of a sports team, don’t stop training or you’ll have to catch up later one. Your performance depends on you sticking to your training every week. Your diet and rest must also be adequate. Also, you shouldn’t smoke, as it affects your resistance, and you know this, Pisces.