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Life brings you a lovely moment when you find that person who completes you, with whom you can carry out the craziest and most fun adventures, travel the world hand in hand, watch the sunset or stare at the moon in the early hours. So don’t throw in the towel when you feel the insecurities that characterize a budding relationship. Listen to your heart and don’t talk too much about what’s going on in your mind. Remember this is a battlefield where you tend to lose.

If you’re in a long-standing relationship you’ll have to evaluate whether you want to continue in that routine or if it would be worthwhile calling it quits and starting a brand new chapter in your love story.

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Today is the perfect day to clear out any stagnant energy, Pisces. Start wherever it’s easiest for you, but start. All those papers that are taking up space and which are no longer of any use have to be recycled. You could give away any clothes you no longer wear, or sell them second hand.

Throw away, give away, clean, clear out, air out every room in the house, you’ll feel a lot lighter once you get rid of things you no longer need. Make room for the new and enjoy dreaming of what you’d want to achieve in your material life.


Many people seek you out to heal them. They tell you their problems and share their fears and sorrows with you and then they leave, once they feel better in their mind and body.

Are you fully aware of how this attitude affects you? From today onwards the stars will allow you to keep helping without using up all of your energy.