Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll notice someone is very interested in you. They throw loving gazes your way, and whenever they can, they reach out to you, to send hints of how they feel. You might mistake it for friendship, however, if you pay attention you’ll see it’s a lot more than that, it’s probably a crush, good and proper, Pisces.

The decisions you make about this, and the signs you send back will largely depend on how much you want to get involved in this new story, if you’re free to do so, and if you’re attracted to them.

Use your emotional momentum to bring some joy and growth into your life.

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Make the most of the day to finalize any outstanding matters, this way you won’t get caught off guard by what you haven’t done over the next few days.

Your level of organization will depend on your mood. You might have to put up with rude and aggressive people who will confront you over trivialities. If you react, you’ll be playing into their hands.

Those born in the second deanery might be illuminated by the effects of the Sun and Venus, which favours showing yourself, acquiring goods, going to interviews and achieving your material goals with more ease than in other occasions.

Be careful with overspending and with the presence of some planets on the area of your public image which could make you prone to behaving in a cocky or pretentious way.


It’s important to rule out any problems when you’re unsure and you feel discomfort which makes you worry about being ill or suffering some sort of organic damage. Knowing you’re healthy is priceless. Once you’ve gone for a check-up, keeping your healthy habits won’t be as much of an effort for you.  

It feels good to know you’re on the right path!