Pisces Daily Horoscope | MagicHoroscope.com



You’ll spend all day looking for things to be suspicious about. Do not believe everything you see, you know that you often get carried out by scenarios that you create in your mind.

Not everything is what it seems. Your relationship is very healthy and trustworthiness is one of your partner’s best qualities. Therefore, don’t go looking for problems and don’t start fights unprovoked. Nothing justifies being aggressive, least of all the tricks that your mind plays on you.

If your partner is a Scorpio or a Cancer, you should avoid an unpleasant situation at all costs because they will be more sensitive than usual.



Today is the perfect day to play the lottery. The planetary alignment for those born under Pisces indicates a day of very good luck, which could lead not only to a cash prize but which also favours the resolution of long standing problems.

This cash prize could be the first step towards making a dream you’ve had for a long time come true. The stars wish it to be so and today’s energy will help you materialize it.


Be very careful when you’re out walking or riding your bike, or when doing housework and other physical tasks.

Mars is making you scatterbrained, while also filling you with vital energy and a strong will to move forwards, driving you to do things that can end up in small accidents, banging your head, spraining your ankle or other minor injuries.

It will be nothing serious, but it’s best to avoid that kind of situation. Be mindful of your movements and do them calmly.