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No one is safe from sadness, you need to be aware of your feelings to prevent them causing more issues. Admitting how you feel might be the best way to start changing and making room for reconciliation.

Pointing a finger doesn’t lead anywhere and it won’t help you fix things. Take the initiative and apologise for your excuses, let go of grudges and evaluate which behaviours you have to change in order to be with the person you love.

Your sexual drive will be very high today and it could contribute to a wonderful encounter where you’ll patch things up. Intimacy favours communication and strengthens the bond of love.

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Watch out for the traps that destiny might lay out ahead of you. Someone very dear to you might be in trouble and you’ll probably have to help them out with a loan.

Don’t get carried away by compassion, your loving nature can lead you to do things that will turn out to be a mistake later on. You can help in many different ways.

You can help by lending a hand with practical matters. Together you could solve this money issue in more creative ways than lending money which you actually need for other things.

Organise a contest, a car boot sale or a raffle. Everything goes when it comes to helping a loved one.


You know firsthand that thinking negative thoughts and carrying sadness around is a path to illness. Don’t follow it. Cast sorrow aside and open up to enjoying the company of your loved ones, enjoy playing, singing and dancing.

Go for a walk in the woods or by the sea. You’re free to choose where you want your mind and heart to be.