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Your changes have come to fruition and today you'll awaken illuminated by a bright star.

The people around you will humor you with affection and by recognizing your goodness in love, which you weren't expecting from your partner.

Don't let yourself get absorbed by the emotional needs of this other person, remember that you're falling into the trap of wanting to be everything to your partner and in the end, they'll accuse you of suffocating and being possessive of them unfairly.

Go your own way, Pisces.

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Be careful with matters related to loans, trips, plane tickets, and other paperwork, since these topics will be compromised by Mercury today.

Take a few minutes to check up on your pending payments in your online banking and your inbox.

Make sure you do not forget about any responsibilities or debts since this could end up being a costly mistake during the week.

If you can't figure out how to organize yourself, then don't expect miracles.

The lucky number for Pisces today is 0110.


The cosmos encourage you to take a walk alone in the forest this afternoon.

This will be an encounter with your soul where you could be able to connect with your inner world and give free rein to your imagination and your subtle sensitivity.

If you know of a forest of ancient trees near your home, you could try a new Chinese therapy called 'forest bathing.'

If you do, your blood pressure, immune response, mood, and endocrine glands will reach a state of balance.

An hour of silent walking can do a lot for your health. Try to take a walk and enjoy everything that the forest has to offer: the aroma, colors, sounds, and textures.

Enjoying some inner silence will be a healing experience for you, Pisces.