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Show your feelings, Pisces! The way in which you’re trying to get your partner’s attention isn’t as effective as you think. If you’re saddened about something that happened, you need to say it without drama or reproaches. Remember that your sensitivity is unique, and not everybody experiences their feelings the same way.

Put yourself in their shoes. You wouldn’t know what feeling is hidden behind that reproachful stare. Trying to guess without dialogue is harder than winning the lottery, Pisces.

The stars invite you to improve the quality of your love life, to look for strategies to improve the way you love and relate with other people.

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It’s almost the middle of the month and there’s a long way to go before payday comes. Reckless spending, without proper thought, is very dangerous, and this Saturday the temptation will be great.

Now that you have access to new technologies to improve your work you can get a lot more done in less time, use the extra time to find a way to increase your income. Perhaps there’s a niche for a new product or service.

Talk to a friend, perhaps they have ideas that can be combined with yours, and you could start a business adventure together.

Today’s lucky number is 21. This number is linked to creativity and imagination that leads to success, from the point of view of numerology. Dedication and understanding of nature’s sacred cycles. Follow the energy of 21 to connect with your creative vibes.


There won’t be any discomforts or worries regarding your health this Saturday. The stars indicate a good energetic predisposition.

Make the most of your day and release your emotions through creativity.