Pisces Daily Horoscope for May 13

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The moon is transiting your opposite sign, Virgo, and from there it makes you feel it’s light demanding a purification. You’ll receive some criticism from someone you love. Everything you’ve gone through has left its mark, and it’s time to clean up your closet and to reconnect with some people.

What was confusing will become clear, and you’ll show yourself in your most vulnerable state. It’s time to stop acting like a character from a film, and show your shortcomings, fears and insecurities to those who share their lives with you.

You might be scared at first, but you’ll receive nothing but tenderness, and this will bring a new level of depth to the relationship.

You’ll have a magical night where love will shine.

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Even though the presence of two planets on your money zone guarantees a certain speediness in the concretion of your financial and professional dreams, you still have to be careful.

It’s not the right time to let your tongue loose and say exactly what you think. You could create a scene and turn your workplace into a battlefield.

If you want to keep what you have you need to keep working hard and being responsible. In time you’ll get the chance to express what you’re unhappy with or to change workplace. Be patient and keep your chin up, that’s the recipe for success, Pisces.


Watch your teeth, there’s astrological aspects which are hell bent on destroying your pearly whites today.

If you have fillings, be careful when eating nuts or hard candy. Also, if you’re experiencing discomfort when having very hot or cold drinks, you need to be careful. It could be a problem with your gums.