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Before deciding on matters that involve the entire family, you should consider talking it over with your partner.

Making a decision as a couple means knowing how to negotiate, making agreements, and knowing how to communicate in a way that helps others to understand what you're asking them to change. If you learn how to do this, you'll have a successful agreement where there won't be any doubt about everyone having an equal say in matters that involve everyone.

Don't forget that people can't read your mind if you don't express your needs with confidence.

If you're in a budding relationship, remember that it takes a long time to get to know one another and that respect when it comes to listening and being receptive to what the other person has to say about their deeper self is of the utmost importance. Don't mess things up with inappropriate comments.

Being a good listener is an art that few master.

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Today you'll see the evidence of some big steps forward as far as your professional life goes. You won't be complacent since this is the time to accomplish your tasks with the most effort and efficiency.

You're becoming an essential part of your company and the Moon in Taurus will support the strength of your finances so you can ask for a raise without any fear.

Your lucky number today is 212.


Today you'll be susceptible to noise and noise pollution. Only you know how annoying those shrill sounds are that happen every once in a while. And how many times have you had to deal with a family member that you share your home with blasting their music?

If you feel irritated, or you perceive that you're on edge as a result of this which has consequences for your physical and mental health with even the slightest stimulus, maybe you're saturated with noise, Pisces.

In public, when there's no way out, and you need to deal with the situation and its terrible sounds, you could try using earplugs.