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These Sunday won’t be the best day for the matters of the heart, Pisces. The moon exiting Sagittarius will leave you with a strange feeling that you’ve made a mistake, or that you’ve bared your soul too much. You might have been tempted to talk about private things that you shouldn’t have shared.

In the afternoon, once fully positioned in Capricorn, the moon appears more distant and prepared for the eclipse that will happen over the next few hours. Use it to think with a cool mind and wait for the storm out before you choose one path or the other. There’s no point fighting a senseless battle right now. Save your energy and your arguments for when you really have to defend yourself.

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If you work in sales, be careful with the job offer you’ll receive. You might be on the verge of being scammed. Enjoy your day of rest but don’t forget to check with those you think know about that product or company, to see if it’s trustworthy.

You might have been promised great commissions or rewards in exchange for an involvement that would be too big. Don’t worry, the money you need will come to you anyway. Staying alert will save you from future trouble.


The week’s activities will force you to lead a sedentary lifestyle. You’re moving less than you need in order to feel well physically. Sitting down for some many hours a day has terrible consequences for your body. Everything decreases, from your cellular oxygenation to your focus. Picking up a workout routine will be great for you, and your body will have a very positive reaction.

You can aid the process with detox infusions such as horsetail and juniper.