Pisces Daily Horoscope for March 14

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Today’s planetary alignment is causing you to be very sensitive and very emotionally raw but you’re at risk of letting yourself be tricked by your inner world and falling prey to fantasies.

If you stay in your imaginary world too long you might make a mistake that will cause you great suffering in the future. Be very careful, watch your surroundings. Seek the advice of someone who has a more logical point of view than you.

The more artistic Pisces can take advantage of the movement of the planets to put their feelings into words in the form of poems or short stories. You’ll feel refreshed and you’ll discover new talents that you didn’t know you possessed. You could sign up for a contest and win.

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You’ve been feeling a mounting tension between you and one of your colleagues or associates for days. They’re constantly throwing you disapproving glances and they even seem to be mocking you. You’re not wrong, Pisces. Be careful because they might negatively influence the people your career depends on.

You must protect yourself as their bad energy is really strong and it might perforate your aura. Get yourself a protection amulet, it could be a black tourmaline which protects from and rejects all negativity, even that which comes from curses.

Carry this stone in your pocket or handbag, you could also put it on your desk, you could find a pendant to carry it around your neck or a ring with this beautiful and powerful gemstone embedded in it.


Watch out for gusts of cold air, the stars indicate possible back and neck problems. Torticollis is a common problem, with no serious health complications, but which can be very annoying and limit your movement. Use a silk kerchief to keep your neck warm and protected.