Pisces Daily Horoscope for August 15

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If you’re in a relationship, the moon entering your sign tonight will help you connect with your partner in a deeper and more sensitive way. You’ll feel everything your other half is feeling, and this will help you be kinder and to understand their point of view.

Empathy is one of your characteristics and today this gift will be more switched on. You know your other half needs you, and you’ll be there to support them without holding back.

If you’re alone, you might get a visit from a woman that will bring you closer to love, it might be a friend who could introduce you to the love of your life or perhaps you’ll just have a kind conversation that will give you a hint of which path will lead to love.

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You might be overwhelmed at work today. Your company’s needs demand more attention and better management from you, and that might tire you out.

You won’t want for money today, you’ll know where to find what you need, you’ll pay any bills before their due date, but this will probably be as far as you income will go.

If you have great working abilities and skills, perhaps today you won’t be recognized the way you deserve and this will make you feel sad or disappointed. Don’t let this bring you down and wait for a new day. This will soon change.


All of your current worries in terms of health will disappear thanks to the good astral influx. The planets show the benefits they have for Pisces in terms of recovering from illnesses and chronic ailments.

Any self-care activities you start today will be very efficient.