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Be careful with the influence manipulative people have over you. Don’t heed what is said by those who know nothing about your feelings and who intend to lead you to an inhospitable place in your love live.

You’ve known true loneliness in the past, so there’s no way you’ll drift away from those who love you just because of gossip and malicious rumours.

If you’re single, you’ll have to be very careful with con artists who’ll whisper loving words in your ear, when they’re actually trying to take advantage of you.

Liars will be very active this Monday.

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You’ll have an offer to partake in a project or business that seems shady. It will probably be presented as an opportunity to get rich and generate great wealth. But it’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and you’d do well to steer clear of it.

Don’t give a single penny to people whose precedents you don’t know.

From next week onwards you could receive real opportunities for financial development which will offer the security you need.

Today’s guiding number for Pisces is 44. A number that enhances your magnetic potential in financial matters, and which gives you tenacity and the ability to keep working hard.


Use any free time you have to go on a little escape that allows you to connect with the energy of nature. Take a walk through the woods, or ride your bike on the mountains, or just lie down by a lake or by the sea, these are great therapies which recycle your energy and balance your chakras.

You can enjoy your muscles in a different way than what you usually do without overexerting yourself. The unevenness of the path, rocky terrain or sand will force your body to work on its balance and adaptability.