Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll receive a call or a message from someone from your past wishing to reconnect. Don’t trust their apologies, they could be lying or exaggerating only to get your compassion.

You’ll need to be very careful and protect yourself since your current emotional climate is very strong and you’re very sensitive, everything makes you cry or feel sad.

If you’re in a relationship it might be a good time to enjoy the present and leave your worries aside. You can think about the future any other day.

The best option for Pisces today, whether married or single, is to go out with friends and have fun. Take the pressure off your romantic issues. Let your hair down and dance and laugh a bit.

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Someone might want to borrow money from you. Before you agree to it think about your situation, if you’re in a position where you can risk losing that money. Then think about whether the person will be able to give the money back and how long it will take them to do so.

You’ll have some investment opportunities which could be very lucrative. If you know an expert seek their advice before making a decision.

Today’s lucky number is 85. A number which attracts great improvement in financial aspects.


If you’re going to go out don’t do anything in excess other than dancing and having fun. The planets show a tendency to overdo things today and this can have negative consequences on your stomach and liver. Junk food, alcohol, desserts and other substances could harm  you if taken in excess. For this reason, moderation is important today, and the self-love which will make you stop before you feel unwell.