Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horosocpe


You’re very sensitive and nostalgia is taking over your heart today. Spending some time with your family will remind you of things from the past which stir something inside you, and make you reminisce about your childhood.

Your perception of other people’s feelings might be clouded by your own ideas of what love should be, so you’ll have to try and be objective, and keep calm when saying what you think, because you could be wrong, and you could hurt others unintentionally.

Arrogance is not one of your sign’s usual characteristics, however, today you could show a level of personal pride which might make those around you uncomfortable.

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The environment at your workplace will be so tense you could cut it with a knife, and it’ll only get worse as the hours go by. It’s not necessarily your fault, and you shouldn’t take the blame for the negative energy that’s moving around. But you are very sensitive, and you might feel that this is because of something you’ve done.

Don’t let sadness and worry take over your mind. Truth is, you should get out of there as soon as you complete everything you’d set out to do today. This planetary aspect will be short lived, and tomorrow things will improve.


The moon on an air signcould make you anxious, or make you overthink things so much you’ll feel confused and overwhelmed. Doing breathing exercises can help you find your energetic centre and you can do them anywhere, without needing any preparation. Just breathe.

Towards the end of the the, the astral aspects, the moon in particular, will move to a more favourable position for you. Bringing a feeling of relief for your general wellbeing.