Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 17

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When there’s a breakdown in the communication in your relationship, the best thing to do is to sit down and try to reach an understanding. This will help you find happiness once more in your daily life, with your routines and differences, you could even try new things in your sex life.

If you’re going through a phase of loneliness, waiting to meet the love of your life, today you could be surprised by an open and spontaneous love declaration from a stranger. If you like them don’t become paralyzed, tell them how you feel. Perhaps you don’t find this person physically appealing, but you’ll have great fun.

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You might find yourself in some sort of legal or tax problem which will require professional advice. Your friends will be able to offer you information or contacts to find a way to resolve it.

After overcoming this situation you’ll have a renewed desire to change jobs. You might start thinking about new ways to make money. But under no circumstances should you leave the job that gives you financial stability. Keep your job and work on changing your life simultaneously.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 12. A number that makes you feel the energy of nature’s cycles and the shape of the Universe in all its manifestations. It’s a favourable number for sales and commerce in general.


Today is an excellent day for those Pisces who are currently recovering from conditions which affect the nervous system or the muscles. The planetary aspects show an inclination to improve idiopathic or autoimmune conditions. You might find a new treatment in alternative medicine. If you’ve been suffering from allergies for a while, today you’ll finally get rid of them for the foreseeable future.