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If you have children, today your worries will have to do with some of the problems they’re having. Don’t lose your calm, they need to see you looking confident to gain the confidence they need to confront their problems. Small children will have small problems, and older children will have bigger problems, but that is the way of life, sometimes we have to go through rough times. Reinforce with words and actions how much you love, respect and trust them. It will all be well soon.

Those of you who don’t have children will have worries regarding someone young or vulnerable in your life, which will affect your rather badly.

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You have a business idea in your mind that is keeping you up at night. Grab a pen and paper and write down every detail. There’s nothing better than bringing an idea to life through sketches and written plans. It’s the best way to evaluate if it’s feasible or not, what the budget will be, taking notes and sharing it with someone you trust who can give you their opinion.

You’ll go around your house like a tornado, leaving everything tidier and cleaner than ever. Tidiness and cleanliness attract abundance and allow room for the mind to expand, generating new ideas and more creativity.


If you’re feeling heavy or have abdominal pain, it might be that you’ve had a bit too much fun during the weekend. If you’ve been stressed out you know this can be very negative for your digestive system or your solar plexus. This chakra is responsible for emotions and its colour is yellow.