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There’s a tense atmosphere this Sunday which takes over every conversation. For this reason, don’t snap or respond to the provocations.

This contentious demeanor might be present in family reunions, so it might be a better choice to spend your day alone, without offending anyone, unless you have important commitments, naturally.

Pisces, you’ll be very sensitive today, and melancholy might play a dirty trick on you. If you need companionship, look for a friend with whom you can talk about frivolities, do sports or go to the cinema.

But you should avoid having important or transcendental chats today, categorically. Try to have fun today.

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Your old modus operandi hasn’t yielded the expected results. You feel tired or disappointed, and for this reason it’s a great time to make big changes in your life.

Pay attention to suggestions from friends or acquaintances. Make the most of this day to find information, watch tutorials, and read books about marketing.

You know that the enthusiasm of a new undertaking has to go hand in hand with information, and today will be your change to gather loads of it.

Finding information on new things can be fun and exciting. There’s many ways to learn and there’s free online courses. If you don’t know where to look, ask for help from someone with more experience.


The stress that was tormenting you is starting to go away, allowing you to feel more whole, stronger and more balanced physically.

The anguish that was making you feel ill makes room for hope which fills you with energy to keep going with more strength.

Your confidence and optimism improve your whole body and help you feed yourself in a more balanced way, and rest better.