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If you’re single, what the stars have in store for you is the end of your solitude. Great news as you’ve been hoping to find someone who completes you for a long time, and you were starting to lose hope.

Even though the beginning of the week is a time where all of your attention is focused on your professional life, but you can still make room in your life for someone who wants to be with you.

If you’re in a relationship you’ll feel the complicity you share, this will bring you joy and will motivate you to keep nurturing your relationship.

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There’s new professional opportunities in your horizon. You could be invited to partake in a project where there’s other people involved, such as investors. The time of financial struggles is coming to an end, and you can know breath with the relief of having overcome your difficulties.

It’s time to bet on new things, trust in life’s abundance and let go of your fears.

If you’ve been at your current place of work for a while, you can trust you’ll be recognized for your trajectory and effort.

Your sociable attitude will help you reach your goals. You’ll be surrounded by friends and colleagues who value your abilities and your intuition. Don’t think you’re alone before all this diversity, you can count on more than one friend who supports you and encourages you to achieve your goals.


If you’re coming from a phase of discomfort caused by a mental breakdown and negative thoughts, you’re now in an astral window which will allow you to get rid of all these feelings and start feeling balanced again:

Mind, psyche and body can find the just point where all works at its best.