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When there’s true love, the hardy, unconditional kind, the kind that gives itself without asking for anything in return, there’s no obstacle that can defeat it.

What you’ve built with your partner is strong and bulletproof. Instead of feeling miserable due to the people who try to interfere, go out and celebrate.

For those Pisces who are single, watch your backs from potential betrayals. You’ll be on the evil tongue of alleged friends who criticise your behaviour and talk badly about you every time you turn around.

When the planets expose these situations there’s nothing left to do other than wait for life to reveal people’s true faces.

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Today you’ll receive some money you weren’t expecting. Someone might settle a debt you had forgotten about, or you’ll receive a bonus, or maybe you played the lottery and didn’t check if you’d won anything.

It’s very promising for you, as you had dreamt about having that extra money. Now you know that dreams can come true.

Being able to settle your debts in a timely manner is one of today’s perks. You were worried about not being able to make ends meet but you’ll be able to do it without any issues.


The best thing to keep your energy flow at its peak during these days where Mercury is moving backwards on your sign is to meditate.This is something you may not be familiar with.

However it’s a really easy thing to do, which is available to everybody. You just need to sit down very still, keeping your breathing steady and soft while you try to empty your mind of all thoughts until it’s blank.

It may seem impossible at first, but if you practice 15 to 20 minutes a day you’ll see it will become easier, and it’s great for your mental and physical health.