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You’ve no idea what kind of intimacy awaits you this Sunday. The stars tip the scales in favour of a moment of connection with your partner which will strengthen your bond and stimulate your vision of a joint future.

You might find yourself in the midst of awkward family scenes. You’re just not used to being together during that kind of thing. But it’ll be positive for both of you.

Days like this should come more often. You’ll feel peace in your soul and you heart will be contented.

Those who’ve been married for a while now, you can expect lovely encounters with friends and family, where both adults and children can enjoy themselves.

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If you want to enjoy the day, don’t let your mind wander and mull over senseless worries.

It’s true, people have been trying to make you worried about your job security or your finances, but this doesn’t mean they’re right. If you keep fearing things that haven’t happened yet, you’ll be wasting valuable time which you could use in more productive ways.

Those who have an exam coming up, trust that the stars will support you, so that, with a little bit of effort, you can get the best results. Remember the importance of a positive and happy mental attitude. Fear is your greatest enemy, Pisces.


Your perception of reality changes depending on your feelings.

And your body reacts in the same manner. If you’re sad or nervous, your physical feelings will reflect this mental state. Today the planetary alignments favour learning more about your inner life and how it is linked to your health, pushing you to keep your mind vibrating positively in a conscious and willful way. Practicing your presence in the here and now.