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Pisceans have a strange day ahead of them where they'll get caught up in misunderstandings worthy of appearing in a tragic film.

This was supposed to be a typical day, but you'll find yourself opening the doors to a conflict that will come into your life out of nowhere.

This situation doesn't have anything to do with you, and you should mind your own business since you could be wrong, and this could end up hurting you and others.

While you distract yourself with the problems of others, you're ignoring your family and your real friends and partner -all of the most important people in your life.

Don't believe everything that you hear today. Focus on yourself.

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If you let your sharp intuition guide you and you overcome your fears, you'll be able to start a new project cooperating with other people. Material earnings are promised.

If you can, talk to specialists about this topic and ask for their advice. This way you'll know all of the ins and outs of this new activity that they're proposing. Make the most of this knowledge and the experience that others can share with you since this is the most appropriate thing now. 

Seek out courses on topics similar to this new proposal. This will help with your research and wisdom going into this project. Don't forget about your excellent teamwork skills; you'll have a lot to bring to the table.


The exhaustion and your poor eating habits over the past weeks will weaken your immune system. Magic Horoscope warns you.

Are you out of energy? A weak immune system is a dangerous thing since it can allow viruses and bacteria to enter your body.

If you feel tired or you seem to be constantly sick or have cold sores: you need to change some of your habits. Rest, say no to stress, take sugar out of your diet and stay hydrated. Give yourself some more love.