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The new moon on Cancer will bring you closer to your heart’s deepest desires. It’s a day filled with tenderness and high frequency vibrations in the emotional area of your life, in fact, you might realise that it’s time to drop certain behaviour patterns which damage your relationship.

Open up to enjoy the nice things in life without boundaries or arguments that tarnish your joie de vivre. If anyone tries to confront you, you’ll have to dodge the blow and head off in the opposite direction.

You’re becoming more empathic than before, and this makes you understand everybody’s underlying motivations much better.

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It’s a great day to go shopping if you need to decorate your home or buy things for the little ones. All matters related to your family life will go great today. Even if you’re trying to find your ideal home, don’t miss this astrological opportunity. This is the perfect astral disposition to find the house of your dreams. Imagine how you’d lay out the furniture, what home improvements you could carry out in that house, these are ways of helping materialize your dreams little by little.

Ask the universe to attract all the best into your life, and all that’s available for you. You know the Universe is abundant, and has a lot to give to those who know how to receive it. It’s a matter of synchronizing with the astral energy flow.


If you’ve neglected certain aspects of your diet, it’s time to go back to your healthy eating habits. You know how much better you feel after just a few days of moderate portions and healthy food. Less deep fried food and more fruit, grilled lean proteins, and green salads with nuts. These are the keys for a diet that will not only improve your skin, but will also give you more energy to face the day.