Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today will be a great day for love. Romance and seduction will be favoured. Don’t forget you’ve been hoping for a day like this, don’t run away from it, give a chance to that person you like so much.

You’ll have a conversation, and what you choose to believe will determine the path your relationship will follow. You can’t be constantly doubting your partner yet holding on to them and not letting them be free. If you can’t forgive them, then you know what you have to do. Let go. Otherwise, stop reproaching them once and for all.

If you’re hoping to meet someone special, chances are you’ve already met them and don’t know it yet. Look around you,love often comes in disguise, and it isn’t easy to see.

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You’ve been telling yourself you needed to replace that appliance, laptop or maybe the living room couch. Many times you’ve been in a position to do it, but then chose to invest in something else. Well, Pisces, today’s the day.

You could ask a friend to come with you so you can research the market a bit, you could go for a walk or to a shopping mall. You might find some great discounts. Take advantage of them and cross that off your list once and for all.


If you’ve mistreated your body, don’t complain about it afterwards. The heaps of empty calories and saturated fats you’ve eaten in the past few days are making themselves felt this Saturday. You’ve gained weight and have a tummy ache. If you’re not happy and don’t feel well, make healthier choices. Change your habits today.