Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Someone very close to you in your family needs your advice. If you can, spend a couple of hours with them today, to give them some understanding and some empathy, it will be very positive for both of you. You know that when you help others you help yourself, and everything you give them, you give to yourself in a way.

It’s not about finding a solution to their problems, but about being able to listen to them from a kind and understanding place, with no judgment, and then tell them what you’d do in their place.

If you’re currently single you need to avoid longing for the past. Dwelling on the past isn’t healthy. Control the urge to call your ex.

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A good sum of money is about to come into your hands and your challenge will be making it last long enough so you can realise all your plans without getting sidetracked buying items which aren’t a priority right now.

If you have a soft spot for clothing, today’s not the day to purchase any items unless you want to look eccentric. Most likely anything you buy today will end up at the back of your closet without being worn for a very long time. And you wouldn’t want to waste your resources.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 45. It’s a number that invites you to observe your life so you can discover which areas need regenerating and how to improve the areas that seem damaged or worn out.


You might have some issues with your skin. An allergic reaction to pollen or other environmental cause such as cleaning supplies, perfumes or fumigations in the area where you live. Don’t be alarmed, but keep an eye out.