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There’s winds of change in your love life. You might become the main character of an epic love story. But not the kind where sorrow and abandonment are inescapable. One of the good ones, where you complete each other and together you vanquish all obstacles.

You choose to keep the good memories, and this helps you reconcile with your relationship’s past and start over.

Today you might come into contact with children who will remind you of the best moments of your childhood, and this will encourage you to reconnect with your family.

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You’ll be dying to find out the outcome of an offer your placed, for which you won’t get an answer until tomorrow. At present everything indicates you’re the favourite. But don’t get your hopes up, you’ll be sorely disappointed when things don’t go as planned.

While you wait for this reply, clean your desk, your files and papers. It’s the best thing to keep you occupied while you wait.

Don’t show your anxiety by calling or writing emails where you might show your weakness and need for approval.

You could try to improve your luck through a good luck charm. You could use a magic stone to enhance the flow of abundance in your life, such as pyrite or green jade, if you carry it in your handbag or purse it will help you attract money into your life.


You need to take good care of your nervous system. Resting is one of the best ways to restore your nerves, reading poetry, watching romantic comedies or chatting with friends will help you take your mind off intrusive thoughts that give make you anxious and uneasy.

Your body will be grateful if you rest and relax this Sunday.