Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



You’re beginning a new cycle in your love life. You finally understand there’s many ways to love and not all of them are carnal.

If you’re currently in a long distance relationship, you’ll learn to express your sensuality and your feelings with words.

There’s a million ways to connect with that person who’s constantly on your mind. You can write a poem or record an audio message to you express everything you feel.

The most important thing is not to keep anything bottled inside, the time is now, there’s no past or future, just the present.

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The stars are sending you help to slightly increase your income maybe by reducing your outgoings, leading to the same result, more disposable income to do the things you love the most.

Today is the perfect day to sign up for a workshop or course about past lives or tarot reading, those things can be a great tool to earn some extra cash on the side. You may want to consider esoteric arts as a profession.

Don’t you think? Numerology and tarot reading are things that have many Pisces among their ranks.

This could open up a new career path for you.


Free yourself from negative thoughts and grief brought on by the past, they don't allow you to be happy.

You can’t be in harmony with yourself if you’re constantly afraid something bad might happen to you. You know bad news are carried by the wind.

Start a mental detox regime as soon as possible. Get rid of all the toxic thoughts running around your head which don’t allow you to make room for hope and harmony. Release the negativity which doesn’t belong to you. If you carry every relative or friend’s grief on your shoulders you’ll sink. Smile at life.