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There’s no need to break up. Oftentimes you can repair things through communication and understanding. But only if betrayal isn’t the cause of the fight.

There are many reasons people can drift apart, some are simple and easy to solve: snoring at night, picking a colour for the sofa. But others, Pisces, are dramatic: addiction or betrayal can be a massively complicated issue which usually requires professional help from a therapist or psychology.

This Saturday, the Magic Horoscope invites you to meditate on a matter that makes you uneasy in your relationship.

If you’re single, today you have a chance to ponder on the reasons why you’re still alone.

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Little by little you’ll achieve the recognition you desire.

It’s a great day to organize all of your social matters, but you need to be careful not to be too aggressive in your approach or in the way you deal with the public, as Mars, the god of war and action, is still affecting your sign directly.

All matters related to expansion and communication will benefit from the opposition of the planets in your sky.

If you handle social media, today’s the perfect day for it. You can make a reference to the change of season. Equinoxes are great times of the year.


You will be tormented by some discomfort in your heel or foot. Your sign usually has problems in this area of your body. It’s your weakness, for this reason, you should wear sensible shoes or practice water sports where your feet can get to rest a bit.

This way you’ll also prevent water retention and cellulite which is so common for your sign.