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If you know how to use today’s planetary alignments to your advantage, you’ll make great strides in your matters of the heart. It’s all a matter of understanding what you really need and how to convey it.

Someone who truly loves you does not withhold love. Quite the opposite, You’ll receive far more than you expected. You must express your feelings, and you’ll see the relationship flourish and your bond strengthen and improve.

If you’re single, you’ll receive tidings from someone you met online, but whom you haven’t met face to face yet, but have great affinity with. It could be the time to arrange a meeting at a safe place.

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Beware of toxic people at work. They might say one thing to your face and another one to your boss behind your back. Imagine how much better you’d do if you didn’t have to deal with so much negativity. All that frustration you’re carrying on your shoulders originates from their envy and petty behaviour.

You need to use all your energy in your favour before it’s too late and the battle is lost. Stick to your guns and don’t allow others to get in the way of your success.


For those Pisces with sensitive skin, or other skin problems, today will be a complicated day. The stars show these conditions will flare up. If you suffer from psoriasis or dermatitis, be particularly careful today.

Oftentimes these problems become more latent when you’re under stress. You know your body reacts to your feelings and when your immune system is weakened, you’re a lot more prone to these things. Your skin is the first barrier between your sensitivity and the outside world, with all of its problems and hardships. Allow yourself to be caressed, it will make you feel better.