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You'll come into contact with some old wounds that will come back to show you the path to healing and close conflicts with your loved ones and family members.

Imagine that you can say everything that you feel and then hear the words 'I love you' come from the lips of those people, you'd see that it's easy to smooth out conflicts and the rough edges with just a few sincere words that show how much you care.

Grudges aren't part of your heart's vocabulary but you could just keep grasping the emotional pain that a misunderstanding of what was said and done in the past causes you. Pay attention and hear what people are really saying without conditioning or being overly sensitive. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

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Distractions and daydreams that Neptune's contact with your star makes you inclined to, will lead you to miss out on opportunities. That's why there's never been a better time to clear out everything that you don't need in your office or your business' storage space, clear out your e-mail inbox, empty boxes of useless paperwork and make room for all of the things that will lead you to triumph and abundance.

Learning to save is something that starts with knowing how to use space.

Having your belongings in order will help you to clear your mind of useless thoughts that distract you from what's really important when it comes to being productive and efficient at work.


You'll feel tired and weak. Extreme temperatures will make you more sensitive than usual. The body needs to defend itself from the roughness of the temperature outside and indoor heat can harm you on an energetic level.

Don't worry, you can get stronger and protect yourself by eating probiotic foods. There are many on the market like: natural yogurt and kefir which are the most popular ones.