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If you follow your heart, you'll be close to getting great results in love. You'll have a lot of time on your hands to spend with friends and your loved ones. But, don't forget to ask your partner if they want to spend time with you.

You two aren't stuck together. You both have different needs and you have your own priorities and pressuring this person to attend a family gathering could be an awful choice.

Remember how important it is to keep your individuality. Symbiotic relationships can be dangerous.

Young Pisceans will spend happy moments with their friends at gatherings; they might get invited to parties or special meetups.

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Bad luck in material matters will take center stage this morning. Natives of Pisces need to pay attention and stay alert since they could be robbed of an item that has more sentimental value than material.

This matter could turn your day into one of those days that you won't want to remember. Try not to waste your time and energy this afternoon on manifesting your rage and anger. Nothing will bring you peace more than your own search for peace and calmness. Breathe and let go of your negative feelings. It isn't worth blaming others. What's really important is repairing the damage and moving on.

Don't wait to follow your dreams. No one but you can make them come true.


In health today, the cosmos predict a double game that will depend on your attitude towards your body and your well-being or the discomfort that you're experiencing. You could either feel great or awful. Which do you choose?

Saturn demands a change and a turn around in your lifestyle, where you give a responsible response to the real needs that you have when it comes to your health instead of continuing to ignore your symptoms. You live up in the clouds, and you forget about everything.

You could start with connecting to your body, coming back down to earth, feeling your fingers and toes, head, joints. Go to a massage therapist that will help you to become more aware of every muscle in your body.