Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 24

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The god of sexual prowess is still transiting the territory of your friend, Cancer, for a few more days, and this is something you need to make the most of, especially if you’re a male Pisces. This position of Mars pushes you to be more sexy and seductive than ever. This will affect especially those born in the third deanery.

Your communication might be affected since Mercury, who commands these matters, is on a bad aspect with respect to Pisces. For this reason it’s best to keep quiet, rather than make a remark which might spark an argument.

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Steer clear of the lottery, bingo, it’s the best choice for your money. Today you’ll be prone to losses in everything related to gambling and stock shares.

Even purchasing items or going shopping won’t be favoured by the planets, you might buy something that will be rendered ridiculous or useless in a couple of days.

It’s happened before that you’ve purchased clothes that have ended up at the back of the closet. You’re picky with your clothes, but perhaps you’ll be pressed by the current trends into buying something you don’t like at all.

To each their own, Pisces. The latest trends aren’t always the best thing for you, you’ve got your own style and you shouldn’t change it, as it suits you.


If you’re experiencing discomfort that switches from one joint to another, then perhaps you need more exercise and physical activity.

Most people are leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, and this is taking a toll on them in the form of discomfort and stiffness in their joints.

Go back to your workout routine, go for a walk with a friend or dance in front of your mirror at home while listening to your favourite music. Anything goes when it comes to moving your body.