Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 26

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Take advantage of the moon’s position on your shadow zone and your subconscious to stay at home working on your connection with your inner self and with your partner, perhaps through a romantic evening where you can talk over any issues you may have had in the past few weeks.

You could prepare candlelit dinner, and tell each other what you truly think and feel.

It will be great if you don’t take offence when you hear something you don’t like about yourself, your imperfections make you perfect. And your best asset is your ability to empathize, your ability to feel what your partner feels and be their energetic support.

Today the planets prompt you to become aware of your imperfections and embrace them, Pisces.

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Everybody who knows you know how you interact with money, if you have it, you share it, helping everyone around you and you intuitively know how to earn what you need. You issue is organising your finances, you tend to forget to pay your taxes or bills on time, and you’ve been in arrears more than once.

Remember that the Universe responds to your attitude, if you pay on time you’ll attract more money to make your dreams come true.


The stars are negatively impacting the circulation of some Pisces. You might be suffering from poor circulation right now, perhaps your feet are sore or swollen. You’ll probably have to change some habits, even the kind of shows you wear can have an impact on your circulation.

There’s much you can do to improve your situation, gently massage your legs, and put them up at least half an hour twice a day in order to improve your circulation.