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When you’re in a dark room and you turn on the light, you help those around you shed light on the dark corners of their heart. This way, the truth of their feelings won’t be tainted by the bad influence of preconceptions about love.

Today the moon is residing in the watery domain of Cancer, and from there it supports all actions pertaining to sensitivity and finding a space to express yourself.

Today, the stars’ message for Pisces is to trust the feeling of union. A message which pushes you to find shelter and affection in your nearest and dearest.

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The Sun and Venus combined are in the opposite complimentary sign of Virgo and, from that position, bring those born in the first deanery a taste of the consequences of their past actions. If your actions have been good, you’ll receive gifts.

If you behave responsibly at work or in your profession, you’ll receive recognition for your good performance.

Perhaps words aren’t enough for you and you’d like financial compensation, Pisces, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t value the exchange that’s taking place between you and the person thanking you for your good performance.

Be grateful when they say nice things about you, this way you’ll increase the flow of abundance and gratitude in your life.


A long season has started where you might be struggling with weird fears, phobias or feelings of loss. Women might experience this moment very differently from the way male Pisces will. Men will feel their physical integrity is being threatened in their relationship. Disturbing dreams could disrupt your sleep.

Try having a half an hour nap in the afternoon, it will be great for you, Pisces. You’ll recover some energy to finish the day.