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This morning will be hot with arguments, racy language, jealousy, and much nervousness. You know that arguing isn't something that you enjoy. You don't feel like moving forward with conflictive situations, but when you want to pull out, the other party will continue to provoke you.

It's normal for couples to have differences that lead to conflict or awkward moments that cause distance. Don't worry about this, wait calmly since when the day is over you'll overcome these subjects and you'll enjoy a peaceful evening.

Single Pisceans will feel deceived today, that person that you like so much, won't communicate with you and you'll feel a sharp pain due to this indifference. Cheer up Pisces; there's plenty of fish in the sea.

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Something will break in your home, and you'll have to replace it with something new. Take things slowly and be thankful that you're able to buy this object that you'll really need today. On the bright side, replacing furniture and utensils that you use on a daily basis always bodes well.

If you get news of people that are opposed to your ideas for progress, don't get down or angry, use your Piscean empathy and develop a plan to present them your projects in a way that they can appreciate the benefits that they will bring.

Your lucky number for today is 695.


It's a good day to start a health plan or something similar. You could sign up for the gym or a hiking group. The favorable position of the cosmos today invites you to discover how pleasant it can be to join a group of people that are excited about staying fit, developing their potential and strength, boosting self-esteem and security while getting to know new places in the midst of nature, breathing fresh air and developing new friendships. This without a doubt could be great for your life.