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The fire moon on your sign transforms you, giving you a greater ability to express your feelings through your actions. Don’t let other people’s negativity dampen your efforts to improve things. Steer clear of bad influences that try to cast the shadow of doubt over everything.

They’re projecting their own insecurities on you. Remember, the Universe responds to the way each person vibrates. If you vibrate with love, you shall receive love, if you vibrate with fear, you’ll push away those who could love you.

Those who vibrate with envy and criticism are best kept at arm’s length to avoid getting polluted by their energy.

Today you’ll break free from chains from the past that were dragging you down.

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Be especially mindful to organise your schedule and allocate your time wisely as you’ll be very scatterbrained today.

You can make a timetable and carry it around with you, otherwise you might end up doing anything but what you had planned to do today. You might even get sidetracked by the mess you’ll find in your handbag, your drawers or in your office.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 63. This number tells you to ask the angels for help in carrying out your daily tasks.


You’ll need plenty of water throughout the day. Environmental pollution, the weather, and a dissonant energy field will lead to a poor elimination of toxins.

Drink at least 2 litres of water today, you may add some lemon juice and some peppermint or spearmint leaves to it. If you can, exercise for half an hour to clean your body and boost your lymphatic system.