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Secrets you’ve been hiding are coming to light and there’s nothing you can do to stop this. You learn from your mistakes, Pisces.

This Tuesday you’ll learn that the best way to avoid having to remember everything you’ve said in the past, is to tell the truth. You’re the kind of person that gets carried away by emotions when describing reality, and if you’re upset or hurt, perhaps you modify your narrative due to the intensity of your feelings, Pisces.

This dreamy tendency can be good or bad, depending on the context. Today you’ll have to defend your posture as you’ll find yourself faced with your tendency to fantasize.

The best thing will be to apologize if you’ve done something wrong.

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If you’re one of the Pisces who are looking for a job, you can trust that you’ll soon find what you’re looking for.

If you’re a company or business owner, you’ll go through a period of great income, you’ll be able to cash in great sums of money.

Good fortune is on your side, Pisces. It’s a wonderful cycle for you where you’ll have to make some big decisions.

You won’t be worried about material things today and this brings more chances of choosing the best path for you in the development of your business.

Show your generosity to the Universe to keep the rewards coming into your hands.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 36. From an esoteric point of view, this number relates to the prosperity that humanity deserves. When you connect with this number, you can attract all the magic that comes with its vibration towards you.


If you’re currently undergoing medical treatment, today you might experience a considerable improvement in your ailments. You have a lot of energy available and you’ll get up in the morning with the strength of a bull.