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Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 27

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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You'll want to share your doubts and desires with your love — these questions that have been floating around your head for a while now, that you're afraid to say out of the ridiculous fear that you won't be taken seriously.

You know how much you like to give, but now it's time to start receiving, and you can't always have to ask and then for things to end in an argument. You need to look for a way to smooth the rough edges in this relationship.

Single Pisces will have an incredible magnetism and a magnificent sense of humor today that will attract many people who will want to get closer to them. It wouldn't be a bad idea to make the most of this occasion to connect with possible friends or partners.

Don't let your biases get you down.

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For those that are currently looking for a job, now there's a chance that you could be considered as a candidate for a position at a company, which is why Magic Horoscope suggests you send your CV to as many offers as you can this morning.

For those that are already employed, this morning will be relaxed and pleasant, in an environment that will be full of camaraderie and friendly social encounters.

If you need magical help, you can do a simple and innocent ritual where you'll manifest your magic powers: call upon the giant Jupiter and light blue candles with firm intentions of abundance.


Congratulations, Pisces. You're taking better care of your health now more than ever. You've learned the benefits of healthy eating and a few lifestyle changes that have altered how you feel about your body greatly, adding well-being and higher levels of energy to the mix as well.

Eating a balanced diet, getting exercise daily, and stimulating your self-esteem with fun activities that gratify and distract you, are some of the main tools that you've been using.

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