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Don't get stuck in a cycle of nostalgia or fixate on negative events from the past so that they become a place that you can't get out of, where you spend most of your time. This doesn't help you in the least as far as your emotional health, and it doesn't benefit your partner either. It's water under the bridge.

If you continue down this path, you'll just be sad and cut off the happy road that you and your partner were walking down. Today everything will be on the right track.

How do you benefit from thinking about your mistakes time and again?

All relationships have their speed bumps, and now it's in your hands to follow the path to bliss or rescind in muddy resentment.

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You're feeling tired, circumstances aren't the most favorable and if you analyze things coldly, in spite of it all, Saturn, the master planet's positive position, shows that now is the best time to plan for your future, get organized and search for new ways to make what's to come for you, the best it can be.

This planetary transit will make you cold and calculating with your efforts and values, and you'll know the strengths of your competition better than ever.

Take advantage of this and make plans.


An astrological window is opening up, and that makes it a great time to work on your beauty, improving your physical presence, rejuvenating yourself and getting in good shape.

Cell regeneration will be at its best which is why now's a good time if you're planning surgery, liposuction, or any rejuvenating treatment, for the skin or strengthening hair.

Any beauty treatment or treatment to improve your self-esteem today will be favored by the cosmos. If you feel beautiful, things will go well for you; if you feel more physically attractive, you attract more and better things to your life. Take advantage of Venus' transit.