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Today Venus is entering your house. And it will bring great benefits for Pisces.

The arrival of this planet on your sign promises improvements in your love life. You’ll look more attractive and sweet to others. This will particularly benefit those Pisces who are single, new romantic opportunities will appear.

If you want to give yourself a makeover, change your haircut, buy new clothes or start a workout routine to tone your body, now’s the time to do it.

With regards to your sentimental situation, you’ll have your partner’s support for anything you need.

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It’s a great day for finances. Buying, selling, contacting and applying for a new job are all great options for today.

Today is a day of great luck for Pisces. You’re not meant to abuse it, but rather to use this positive alignment of the planets to perform any of the above mentioned tasks.

You’ll find great monetary opportunities in the unlikeliest of places. You can trust that today everything will work out in your favour.

Those goals that you care about will be easy to achieve, with the planets’ help.


Enjoy eating fruit and vegetables, preferably organic. And reduce the portions of your main meals since often, large portions are the main cause behind lack of energy. Your diet is extremely important, it’s a great tool to protect your nervous system and thus, keep yourself younger and with more vitality.

To boost your energy and your health take spirulina, it’s a microscopic algae which helps you detox or maca, an Andine root with great nutritional value.