Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 28

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Your love life will be great today. Those who value your positivity and tenderness will come to you for companionship and advice today. You could enjoy a lovely day with your family if you like.

If you’re starting a new relationship you’ll find better ways of adjusting your energy to that special person, so that you can better enjoy your time together.

Let go of sad memories and feelings. Try to connect with the positive things happening in your family. There is much good news you don’t know of yet.

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You learn something new every day, Pisces, and today you’ll have to face a new tool at work, which will make your life a whole lot easier.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and change the way you’ve been doing your job, you’ll see that a new technique will make you more efficient. Roll up your sleeves and don’t be afraid to learn. Use this day to catch up.

Today’s lucky number is 21. A number that will bring you closer to the magic of oneness with everything, granting you the abundance of the Universe, understanding of the planet as an organism in which we’re all connected.


The planets have a negative effect on your health weakening your lungs. You might catch a cold, or laryngitis caused by allergies, which can be very obnoxious. Try to avoid getting cold and being in places full of smoke, or substances that are harmful to you.

If you smoke, it might be time to quit. There are many ways to overcome this addiction, nicotine patches for example.