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Today is a hard day for you in terms of love, Pisces. You might be subject to criticism and iniquities of all sorts. You’ll be slandered and stories will be told about you which are very far from reality.

Lilith, also known as the black moon is in your sign and will attract feminine energy that might turn against you. This point of the Zodiac is about the energy of the witch and of the free woman. If you haven’t enjoyed freedom in your sex life, you might be the victim of this moon’s bad arts.

Protect your soul from these iniquities and slander. You won’t care so much about what they say, but rather about who it is that’s lying about you.

Steer clear of those people.

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You might feel things aren’t going great, that you have difficult problems to solve or that you’re struggling to steer things in the direction you want for your future. This unpleasant perception of reality won’t last long thanks to the planets’ rapid movement which will soon take them to a different area of the zodiac.

Much of what you’re currently experiencing is a challenge you need to overcome to move on to a phase of greater professional development.

Spending the afternoon organizing your schedule will make you manage your time more efficiently. Leaving you with free time to spend on training.

There are loads of short courses you could take to add new skills to your resume.


You’ll have a great level of vitality to face the day with strength and energy. You’ll feel strong and in balance.

Today’s not the day to start diets or treatments, Pisces. You have to manage your anxiety and keep it at bay by taking breaks, some time reading or watching a film.