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You can make it anywhere with strength and willpower, Pisces and you have this ability sleeping within you. Therefore, today starts off waking the mighty dragon that inhabits your heart.

Imagine when you're finally able to harness this energetic power and keep it active. Try not to get desperate over just any silly thing and don't pay so much mind to others' problems, and focus on your own.

Today you'll realize that you possess this strength at least in your emotional realm. You'll defend your future in a way that you never realized that you could.

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If you think that your finances are in a disastrous state or you feel like luck has left your side, don't worry, this is something that's more than temporary.

Don't fall into desperation or regret because a profound change is on your horizon in your finances. Lamenting and complaining doesn't do anything but attract even worse energy to your life.

Think positive and get all of the negative thoughts out of your head. You'll see that slowly things will begin to change and show signs of improvement. Have faith and optimism since this will see you through this movement in the Universe.


If there are parts of your body, face, or legs that don't match the ideal appearance that you see in popular media, don't worry.

There are so many people out there who don't match this ideal model. But, Pisces, you're too smart for this -you shouldn't stop enjoying your life in all of its aspects because you feel that you're inadequate in some way. You are perfect in your imperfections.

Learn to celebrate your life and health; this is where you should find true happiness.