Pisces Daily Horoscope for June 28

Your Horoscope for Friday
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Today, Pisces will have to face one of their biggest flaws. There’s a side of you that tries to avoid adulting. The problem is how you feel when you’re doing things reluctantly. Guilt and boredom combine, leaving you with a bitter aftertaste.

In your matters of the heart, you’ll be going through a confusing phase where you’ll be plagued with jealousy, and this won’t allow you to see things clearly and to show your feelings openly.

Rediscovering joy in your relationship is really important. Love isn’t enough, you also need to have fun, be happy and spend good times together.

Chin up, Pisces!

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You might have some problems at work, this could be due to a mistake you made in the past and which you haven’t been able to rectify.

Your lack of focus can work against you, and make the conditions and results of your work worse.

You’ll have to make a big effort to regain the trust that had been placed in you. It’s not that you’ve lost it completely, but you’re entering a phase where there’s lots of doubts.

In a few days you’ll repair your professional image. Rather than licking your wounds, get to work.


It’s a great day to connect with that part of you that needs to be in close proximity to nature. Your nerves might be wracked by the evening. For this reason, gardening could help you connect with the earth and unload any anxiety you’re feeling.

You could do it with interior plants if you don’t have an outdoor space. You can get advice at the garden centre about which plants would best suit your house based on how much daylight you get and what the temperature is like.