Pisces Daily Horoscope for April 29

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Facing those intent on destroying your relationship will be a big challenge for you. You’ll have to stay firm and avoid losing your head, don’t stoop down to their level.

Don’t cry or get upset, Pisces. The truth will come out sooner than you think. And all the efforts you’ve done for that special someone will be rewarded.

Your love life might not be going the way you wanted it to, but the stars tend to balance things out in the face of injustice, you might not notice it, or perhaps you don’t agree. Compare your life to that of your enemies. Which one seems better? Everybody has their own struggles. Don’t think you’re the only one.

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Your charismatic energy brings you close to powerful people who can help you on your path to professional success. Try to communicate clearly and show off all of your abilities.

The movements you do today will be blessed by the alignment of the stars. The moon entering your sign enables you to connect with your feminine and masculine energies more easily, giving you a great sense of completeness.

Don’t discard the possibility of looking for a new job if the one you’re at bores you. Look for new career opportunities.


It’s the perfect time to do a detox diet. The change of season can cause changes in your organism, and it’s best to prepare for what’s coming through your diet.

You need to cater to your body’s needs, and one of them is to cleanse and detoxify your organism, to protect you from allergies and seasonal illnesses.

Eat more citrus fruit and other fruit rich in vitamin C and you could also try nettle and chamomile infusions or green tea.