Pisces Daily Horoscope for August 29

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B You have great ideas about what could improve your relationship. What the best changes are. New paths to create more understanding in your communications, and to leave behind the pain of feeling misunderstood.

You’ll find a way if you use your common sense. Mercury is the planet that manages communication, and today it has entered into the sensible and organized sign of Virgo, and this is your complementary sign, Pisces.

The presence of Mercury, the planet of dialogue, in Virgo brings more understanding and open-mindedness to hear what your significant other has to say.

If you’re currently single, there are big opportunities in the area of love. Participating in social events will lead you to meet an interesting suitor with whom to share a love story and leisure trips.

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If you were born in the first deanery and are waiting for legal notifications, transfer of property titles, news related to payments or scholarships, you’ll be blessed by the Zodiac.

You have available astral energy which will help you look at your professional matters from a new perspective. You could show and happier and more creative aspect which will attract new clients to your business or company.

Exploring new technologies and a more efficient communications system will be your challenge for the day.

Today’s lucky number for Pisces is 45. This number refers to using all of your past mistakes in your favour. What you’ve gone through will positively impact your material life. Mentally embracing this vision will help you achieve abundance.


Pisces, today there’s a perfect balance between your physical, mental and spiritual health. For this reason, you’ll find it easy to keep your spirits up and have energy all day long.