Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The planetary alignment foretells some possessiveness and jealousy. You’ll find yourself in shady situations, in which socially unacceptable behaviours or jealousy will be exposed.

Understanding and unconditional love are two of the virtues those born under Pisces have, and for this reason you’ll know that darkness is a part of everyone’s life, and that we all go through hard times. This neither surprises nor frightens you.

Allow yourself to express your feelings, but avoid anger and judgement. If you’re single, be particularly careful not to get entangled in a mess with someone who’s already in a relationship.

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If you’re going through a difficult financial situation, you must learn to manage the anxiety this gives you which doesn’t let you see the possible solutions to your problem.

You might have to start a quest for a new job. Pay a visit to those you know might be able to point you in the direction of some temp jobs. Meanwhile you could try and think of new ways of making money.

You could also try a simple abundance ritual: dissolve one teaspoon of honey in a bucket of water, and then mop the floors of your house with it while saying affirmations out loud, such as: “I receive money from an unexpected source” or “I’m abundant and prosperous”. You’ll see things will soon look up.


Too much worry could be interfering with your digestive system and giving you belly aches or other discomforts, but you can ease them by listening to what your body needs, eating slowly while you enjoy your food, exercising and increasing your fiber intake.

Your digestive system is also affected by certain foods, antibiotics, alcohol, spices and other irritating substances. But the main thing is for you to stay calm, and to learn to be present in the moment.